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Mentored Learning

It allows each student to progress in a manner that is most suitable for their skills set, knowledge and schedule that a fixed, lecture based approach does not allow for. You will be mentored on a one to one basis by a subject matter expert with continues practical exposure and focus on problem areas, allowing you to progress at your own pace and deciding what content requires more or less time.

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Course Outline





  • Must be computer literate.

Course Outline

Chapter 1 : A Tour of the Administrator Panel

  • Control panel
  • Administrator menus
  • Top toolbar
  • Filtering and display
Chapter 2 : Building an Online Store
  • Installing Virtuemart

Chapter 3 :  Virtuemart setup shop

  • Setup administrator user
  • Payments
  • Shipping
  • Taxes
  • Country
  • Currencies
  • Setup Shop with terms, logo, country, currency and test email
  • Adding Virtuemart modules

Chapter 4 :  Virtuemart categories

  • Adding categories
  • Adding categories to menu
  • Working with sub categories
  • Adding Virtuemart modules

Chapter 5 :  Virtuemart coupons

  • Activating coupons
  • Setup coupons

Chapter 6 :  Virtuemart registration form

  • User management
  • Adding custom fields

Chapter 7 :  Virtuemart mange orders

  • Checkout setup
  • Order email notification
  • Orders back-end management

Chapter 8 :  Mega menu and Virtuemart

  • Creating menu
  • Working with menu alias
  • Creating and adding custom modules to Mega menu

Chapter 9 :  Products and theme home page display

  • Creating custom product slider
  • Working tabs on the home page
  • Displaying latest products, new products and more in tabs slider

Chapter 10 :  Virtuemart theme management

  • Update logo
  • Slider responsive settings
  • Colour management
  • Product sliders
  • Customers testimonials
  • Registration/Login display
Chapter 11 : Best practices and tips
  • SEO tips - working with keywords, meta description for website, menu;s and products.
  • Tips and Best Practices
  • Backups and restore
8 Hours


Costing and duration my vary depending on clients requirements and group training.

R 1 750.00 per individual

Joomla Training

All training via WhatsApp and Anydesk , or one on one at our offices in Durban.
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Costing and duration my vary depending on clients requirements and group training.