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Friday, 21 July 2017 06:02

Why is Joomla the Best CMS for Your Startup?

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If you own a startup and are seeking a budget friendly CMS (Content Management System) framework which can offer an open source and inexpensive alternative to other expensive proprietary frameworks, then Joomla CMS should be your first choice.

Currently, there are a number of CMS frameworks available in the market offering an array of attractive features, but Joomla, undoubtedly, is one of the best CMSs for creating affordable yet feature-rich websites. With support for myriad languages, it allows the developers to create SEO friendly websites with visually appealing designs, while maintaining a strong back-end.

Here are the top benefits offered by Joomla for supporting high-quality web development:

  1. Open Source Nature

Being open source, it offers great flexibility for the developers to change the source codes as per the development requisites. As a startup, if you are seeking customized solutions, you can greatly benefit from the flexible open source development framework of Joomla, while ensuring the look and feel of the website remains premium and customer-friendly.

  1. Over 6000 Extensions and Counting

Joomla offers a colossal range of templates, themes, and extensions which can be used to develop stunning websites at no extra cost to the user. The templates and themes are regularly updated by the Joomla community and come with additional features that can provide interesting elements and useful functionalities for your website.

  1. Ease of Accessibility

You do not need a lot of technical knowledge or experience of working with CMSs for developing websites or managing them using Joomla. Even if you do not have much experience working with HTML, it is still easy to learn and one can come up with a visually attractive, easily navigable, and feature-rich web solution in no time at all. Joomla offers astonishing ease of accessibility and this makes it an amazing choice for startup businesses to build their websites.

  1. Community Driven Framework

Being open source, Joomla is community driven CMS. With a huge community of developers spread across the globe, tweaking things day and night, you need not worry about any major technical issues. This ensures that not only can you solve all sorts of technical queries pertaining to the use of Joomla extensions and modules easily, but also find a how-to-guide online for obscure problems which might be plaguing you.

  1. Enhanced Usability

One of the biggest advantages of using Joomla CMS is that it can be leveraged for creating all sorts of websites ranging from simple websites to complex e-Commerce solutions. There are a plethora of options available with Joomla and thus, one can use its comprehensive range of features to develop websites with diverse usabilities.

  1. Low Cost of Development

Joomla is open source, which implies that there are no licencing fees and other hidden costs involved in adopting Joomla as your website or CMS development framework. On the flip side, if you choose some proprietary software instead of Joomla, your development costs go up as you end up paying heavy licencing fees, usages fees, etc.

All the aforementioned benefits make Joomla an ideal choice for startups, allowing them to make optimum use this venerable CMS platform with ease & comfort, and without investing heavily either.